November 2018 - Update #9

Hi all, it’s been a while since I did an update, but better late than never! I had intended to do one every week, but I think from now on I’ll stick with one every two weeks and just call them updates as opposed to weekly updates. 

Anyways, the last month has been extremely busy for me, and we’ve hit a bunch of milestones across the board. On Twitch, we recently passed 8,000 followers and are still pushing a ridiculous amount of subs thanks to mass sub-gifting from a few of our biggest supporters. 


As well as that, on YouTube since our last update we’ve passed 45,000 and are now sitting around 46,500 subscribers. The channel growth is extremely encouraging, and the focus on the three pillar games seems to really help give the channel an identity, allowing us to form a stronger community around the games we enjoy.


And speaking of community, we’ve also passed 1,000 members on our Discord group which is really huge. There’s now sections for finding multiplayer games with others, joining regular Stellaris matches, sharing screenshots and the usual game topics and general chat.

On the YouTube side of things I recently released a review for the Vampire Coast DLC for Total War: WARHAMMER and gave some impressions and thoughts about Battlefield V – Myself and JackieFish also kicked off a brand new Head to Head campaign on Divide Et Impera on twitch, which we stream every Tuesday/Thursday at 2PM GMT and these are now also going to be recapped in videos on the channel ever week, putting that map I worked on to good use! 

Vampire Coast.jpg

With the announcement of Stellaris MegaCorp and it’s release imminent in early December, I’ll be focusing a lot on Stellaris again hopefully doing Guides for the new systems and recaps from the development diaries. Might try squeeze in a quick DLC review there too if I can.

That’s really it for the update here, I want to keep them a bit shorter where I can- stay tuned for the first of December where I’ll be outlining the months Twitch schedule and I’ll hopefully be doing some game giveaways in the run up to Christmas. There’s also even a few new games to try out, like Mutant Year Zero which looks pretty cool!

Thanks as always for the support, it’s been hugely motivating and I’m hoping people are enjoying the content/community of Republic Of Play.