JUNE 2019 - UPDATE #11

Hi everyone – it’s been a while since I posted an update so wanted to share some of the plans I have for ROP in the next coming weeks/months.

The last few months have really been great on YouTube, the channel is growing pretty fast now and the videos have been performing better. However on Twitch, it’s been really stable since... pretty much forever. In an effort to really create some great content there and to help me grow beyond my usual audience I created an ambitious Custom Narrative for Stellaris – with unique mods, lore, races and objectives to really enhance the game.

Long story short, while we had amazing feedback, and I really enjoyed the game – we ultimately had lower or the same than our average viewers, and in total for the amount of time I put into it, and expenses that went along with it, I roughly earned about $3 per hour from the project. Not only that but I sacrificed time I should’ve otherwise put into things like my Total War: THREE KINGDOMS review, and stunted my growth on YouTube. So essentially it didn’t cover costs, it didn’t grow the audience and it hurt other parts of ROP.

The reason I’m outlining this is because I’m now going to stop organising my own multiplayer events in games, and going to experiment with less streaming to see if I can bolster my YouTube content more. It’s a really tough decision, Twitch has a very active ROP community that really contribute quite a lot to keeping it going, but I’m hoping that if I grow YouTube more, I’ll be able to afford running interesting Twitch streams beyond just let’s plays in the future.

The Changes:

So as was discussed in our Senate Meeting recently here’s the changes coming soon;

A new “Legate” role: This will act as an Events Organiser on Discord. These Legates will be in charge of making sure at least 1 organised MP game happens each month, and make sure that Senators (Patrons and Twitch Subs) get Priority for these games.  

A bigger focus on YouTube: I’ve got some catch-up content to get through and then will try cover a few newer games as well to see how it goes. More content like the videos I made for Anno, Steel Division and stuff like that.

A stronger, more welcoming Discord: I’m hoping to attract more people to our Discord – it’s the foundation of ROP in my mind and our fairly lax rules leads to people feeling unwelcome. I’m hoping to get a new moderator and to give our moderators more freedom with tackling bad behaviour.

Promoting the Community more: I rarely mention we have a Discord, or what the social media channels are or the benefits of being a Patron or Subscriber on Twitch. Expect a bit more promotion in this regard during or at the end of videos.

Twitch: I’ll be streaming less, but I will be streaming - after I figure out some scheduling with regards to videos then I’ll post the months schedule.



I’m also changing the goals on Patreon – Honestly I’m not sure what goals I can set – I’m not working towards earning X to do Y – Currently I’m very close to paying off a loan and then I’ll be using all funding to improve equipment. Almost everything I earn I put into ROP – I want to get more artwork done for emotes on Discord, for the channel in general and if I grow much bigger contract a graphic designer for a few projects I have in mind.

So that’s everything as of late! I’m hoping some MP games can be setup this month but I’m currently selecting the Legates and outlining what I need from them in order to get this up and running. Also, if you have any feedback or ideas about what you’d like to see then let me know!