The Senate Roll - September 1st - Thank you!


So on the first of every month, I thought it'd be fun to do a roll call. This means adding up all of the names in Twitch subscribers and in Patreon at the $5 or above level. 

The support has been crazy so far, in just this week alone we've pushed Republic of Play beyond 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, sitting near 32,000 as I write this. On Twitch we've pushed through 5,000 followers and are making great strides to 6,000 with a very active viewerbase and chat - and we're just getting started.

It's only been 1 week, but already with combined income from Patreon, Twitch & YouTube I'm nearly 50% of the way to my monthly goal. I'm expecting things to slow down from the initial announcement, but either way this has been a huge start to the channel. The reddit and especially discord are buzzing with activity and it makes me proud to see members finding eachother and playing games together.

The voting starts today also, if you want head on over to the voting area to cast a vote on what games (old or new) you want to see the most of, and drop me a suggestion of one that's not on the list if you like. Any contributor at any level gets a say in it.

Remember, if you're a contributor on Twitch or Patreon, jump into discord and let me know your username so I can assign you appropriate roles there.

So that's pretty much it, I've got some new vids lined up for next week so we're going to be firing on all cylinders. For the Republic! :D