September 2018 - Weekly Update #6

Hi all, hope everyone is doing good. I delayed this update slightly so I could report on our Monthly Senate Meeting that takes place on the 3rd of every month. First though, I’ll recap our YouTube and Twitch content of the last week.

Last week I created two videos, one promoting the Steel Faith Overhaul Tournament, which was a sponsored video. This then spurred a conversation about sponsorships, when I would take them in future, what would be crossing a line, and everything surrounding that general idea. 


The reason for taking a sponsorship was simple; I’d already reviewed the product, it’s a free product and times are extremely tough for me financially. In future, I would be happy doing a video on any product I had reviewed already, which I thought was good. I get offered to cover mobile games, and free to play PC titles all the time, and even though I’m straight up broke, I don’t take them because it would hurt the integrity of the channel, and it’s just not how I want to operate.

The next video I created was a gameplay video for Two Point Hospital. I received this game one day before release, so I wanted to try get something out for the release day. This was a longer, 30 minute gameplay video explaining everything. This hasn’t been received as well as I’d hoped, so those types of videos probably won’t happen anymore. I’ll stick to my style of shorter, more scripted concise videos on games for now, even if it means I can’t get it out on the release day.

two point hospital impressions.jpg

On Twitch, everything was business as usual, we played some more Divide Et Impera Head To Head, where I actually declared war on JackieFish, so things are really kicking off over there. We fooled around in Two Point Hospital, and also in Rimworld which was a blast. Took a while to learn the game a bit, but now understanding it’s systems, I want to make more time for it. We had a “wild naked woman” wander into our area, so naturally I shot her. She retaliated, knocked out the person with the gun and proceeded to go berserk and bleed everywhere fighting animals. A jaguar took her down, and we rushed her to a medical bed, only for her to die seconds after she was laid down. I’ll never forget that crazy frantic 10 minutes.


And that’s pretty much it for the content of the week, I’ve got a bunch of stuff queued up for this week, and a lot of streams so things are gonna get busy. So let’s jump back to the Senate Meeting. This one was special as it was not only the August review, but the year review too.


Some highlights: 

· August was profitable! 3 out of 12 months of ROP have actually turned a profit so far. 

· My housemate has moved out, and I’ve moved into his room as a sort of office now, so rent will be more expensive for me, but hopefully I can work better/faster with content in this room.

· We’re at an all time high for twitch subscribers at 130. And Senators overall at around 180. A lot of them have been gifted subs, but it’s still a huge number without the gifts.

· The YouTube channel is starting to get a little bit of momentum, which is very real on YouTube. When we get subscriber spikes, they’re bigger and last longer, and we’re well on our way to hitting 40,000 this month potentially. 

· 79% of all income for Republic Of Play was earned through direct donations on Patreon, Twitch and Twitch subs, ie. People paying for the content or to support the channel.


That’s it for the update, I’m really excited for the next few videos I’ve got coming this week, I’m trying to put a lot of effort into them so they’re taking a bit longer than I’d like, but it should be good. Lately we had a lot of interest in our Stellaris MP games and the 90min video I released recapping our last one, has now garnered over 25,000 views in just 1 week, so you can expect more Stellaris content to capitalise on that.

As always, please leave me any feedback or ideas you have of things you’d like to see! Thank you for the continued support on Patreon, it’s huge, and it’s extremely humbling.