August 2018 - WEEKLY UPDATE #5

Hi everyone, hope August has been treating you well! Time for the weekly recap of all things Republic Of Play!

I kicked of the week with a video for Iron Harvest, the upcoming alternate history RTS game from King Art Games. It's pretty basic in it's current form, but shows a lot of promise, and I definitely had fun with it.

Iron Harvest Gameplay.jpg

My week was then unexpectedly dominated by No Man's Sky. I got deeply sucked into the game when it received it's NEXT update. I hadn't really planned on doing a video on it, but I was so enamoured with it I felt I had to share it. That video took a while to put together, because of the nature of how long the game can take to get things done. 

NMS Gameplay.jpg

On the streaming front I've been pretty busy, with a lot of time this week dedicated to Total War: ROME II's Divide Et Impera mod, where I'm playing with JackieFish. This have been an absolute blast, and the community seems to be enjoying them so I'm looking to increase the amount we do from 1 per week, to 2 or 3 per week. In future, I think I'll create some sort of video mini-series out of the campaign when we do another one. For now, it's all on Twitch and later gets uploaded to my YouTube as unlisted in my PAST BROADCAST playlist.  


On the Twitch front, our loyal Spartan (SPARTANVI) has created new loyalty badges for subscribers. Subscribers on Twitch display a little icon next to their name, and this changes and evolves over time the longer they're subscribed. 

After a few iterations, we finally settled on what works best for the channel, which is basically:

  • [Base] HASTATI

  • [3month] PRINCIPES

  • [6month] TRIARII

  • [12month] LEGIONARY

  • [24month] CENTURION

  • [36month] LEGATUS

That should keep us covered for a while! Of course, all subscribers here on Patreon and on Twitch are Senators first and foremost, and have access to the Senate House and meetings to see the channel progress/analytics/finances. 

quick loyalt badges.PNG

As for next week, I had planned on working on a Phantom Doctrine Review, but the game had some issues and was receiving patches once a week, so I felt it was unfair to Review a game I know changing so dramatically so quickly. The patches are done now, so I might do a follow up video on the game, which would allow me to get it out next week. I'm also working with a mod team to produce a sponsored video, which will give me a real big help with income for the month. More on that in next week's update.

Also, this coming Tuesday is Republic Of Play's 1 YR Birthday :) - I haven't got anything planned, but I might do a stream on that day for fun. Ideas also welcome.

As always, I appreciate the support I get here, if there's any suggestions, ideas or things you want more of, please let me know!