Hi all, hope everyone’s doing great and apologies for a delayed post this week, after my break I’ve had my hands full with games and videos trying to get the momentum going on my channel again.

This passed week I released two videos; one continuing the breakdowns and recap of the developer diaries for Imperator: Rome. I’m pretty excited for that game, though I do have some concerns about it. Covering the developer diaries I think will also help me prepare for it’s launch and be familiar with most systems before I even play, so should speed up review times, when the time comes!


My second video was a review for Total War: ROME II’s latest DLC – Rise of the Republic – This has gone down pretty well, considering I posted it a week after the DLC released. (Those familiar with me will know I don’t receive early content from CA, so I gotta play through it and get a review out after the release.)

rise of the republic.jpg

These kinds of things have knock-on effects too, delaying my Phantom Doctrine review, which I’m aiming to get out at the end of this week. I dabbled with it in a couple of streams, and so far my time with it has been really fun, though there are some bugs and issues with the combat currently, holding the game back.

On the streaming front I’ve been continuing with JackieFish in our Divide Et Impera campaign, which is my favourite content to make right now, as it’s just so enjoyable to play. Later this month we’ll be gearing up for our next multiplayer game in Stellaris and checking out the new game; Two Point Hospital at the end of the month. (Really excited for that, it looks great!) 

Coming up this month on the YouTube channel, I’m working on several videos for the following games at the same time; No Man’s Sky, Iron Harvest and Phantom Doctrine. It might be ambitious for me, but I’m hoping to get these out relatively close together in the same week as I’ve banked a lot of footage for them.

Last thing I want to mention is that we recently hit 39,000 subscribers! For context, we hit 38,000 just under one month ago, so the growth of the channel has been hugely motivating lately. A lot of it has come from Total War content, but I want to try and balance that out as much as I can with other games and new releases. I do have 2 more Total War videos coming this month though, so if you’re subscribed for that, hopefully there’s something there for you too.


That’s really everything for the passed week, this next week and the week after are going to be quite interesting as my housemate will be moving out, and I’ll be using their room as an office, hopefully increasing my productivity with streams and videos! We’re also about to hit one year of Republic Of Play so that’s a nice milestone to celebrate!