July 2018 - Weekly Update #3

Hi all! Hope everyone’s doing good, this weeks update is a bit on the lighter side as I’m taking a short break from the channel for about 10 days. This passed week has been really really good for growth which has been hugely motivating. Since the last weekly update video I just released one video discussing the Ancestral Update for Total War: ROME II and a wider look at the design direction of the game. As usual Total War videos perform well on my channel, but combined with the previous video’s momentum the channel gained a lot of new subscribers and views this week.

Ancestral Update.jpg


This has also coincided with the most consistent period of growth on the channel to date, for the first time the channel was positive for subs every single day in the last month, all green 😊 



I streamed a lot this week and had great viewers throughout and new subscriptions too, we’re averaging around 85 subs on the channel, with high points of around 90+ with certain members gifting a lot of subs to others really helping the channel. We held our 3 days session of Stellaris, explored the Rome II update and Battled JackieFish in Rome 2: DEI (a series you can watch back on my youtube channel by scrolling to the bottom, and checking “past broadcasts” ) We also took a quick look at the beta launch of Post Scriptum, which was a lot of fun, but sadly I won’t get to make a video for it until I arrive back from my break.


So while I didn’t release many videos, I was working on several to bank them for when I leave. I managed to get three done; My most anticipated strategy games coming in 2018, this video showcases what stuff I plan on covering over the next 6 months on the channel. Next was a condensed version of our 12hr, 12 player stellaris game and the last video is an AMA with me. The latter two videos are both over 1hr long, so hopefully for those who will miss the streams, will have a lot of content to chew through. 


Unfortunately I feel it will probably hamper the momentum of the channel by going away right now, but this was booked around 8 months ago so it’s out of my hands in a way as it’s been organised with a group of friends. Either way, I’ll be back in early August before the Rome II DLC comes out, Post Scriptum Release and a bunch of other games I’ve got lined up, so big reviews are coming in August!

That’s pretty much it for this update, hope you enjoy the vids while I’m gone, I’ll still be online checking comments and chatting in discord when I can!