July 2018 - Weekly Update #1

Hi all,

Each week I’ll be posting an update here and to Patreon to recap what's going on in terms of content and The Republic!

First off we had our “Senate Meeting” on July 3rd in our Discord Server in #The-Senate-House. This covered the month of June and if you want you can go there and read over the topics we covered. Generally speaking; things are growing, but just very slowly.

We have a new and updated Stream Schedule for the month of July – This month there are barely any “new” big PC games to cover for review, so I’m using the time to catch-up on older games I’ve missed, such as “The Banner Saga”, “Battle Brothers” and I’ll be playing Europa Universalis 4 with LegendOfTotalWar and Divide Et Impera with JackieFish.


Also, based on some feedback, I’ve created a “PAST BROADCAST” playlist on YouTube with my streams hosted there. These are all unlisted (meaning they won't show in the videos tab, or in your sub feed), but if you go to my channel, you can check them out and watch them on YouTube or even download them to watch on the go if you have YouTube Premium. Currently, the full “Divide Et Impera” streams are available there with JackieFish, a super fun Head To Head Campaign with me as Egypt and Jackie as Rome, and also my first playthrough of "The Banner Saga".


Another thing we’re starting up this month is playing games together. On Sunday, and hopefully Sundays going forward for now, we’ll be playing Europa Universalis 4. This isn’t being streamed, it’s just a way for us to come together as a community and play games together and make friends. Joining our Steam Group is the best way to prepare for that, and our Discord. 

That’s pretty much it for this week, so far I’ve released a Battlefield V impressions video, and am working on covering some older interesting games like The Banner Saga this week and some games I picked up in the Steam Sale.


Lastly, I’ll be away at the end of this month for about 10 days, so I’m doing an AMA video and taking questions at this link: http://www.therepublicofplay.com/ama - so if you have a question you want to ask, or think would make a good talking point, shoot one over there!

As always, feedback about the direction of the channel is always appreciated.