Partnered on Twitch & Name Change!


Just yesterday (June 1st) we got partnered on Twitch! I had been working towards this for the passed few months, and couldn't have done it without the support of the Senate and the Republic at large. 

Also couldn't have done it without the consistent help from a few streamers; LegendOfTW, Ninjahund, Nerdragefitness, ElichTV, MordredViking, AlexTheRambler, HaxoTheHunter and I'm sure more that I may be leaving out. 

This has brought with it some changes to the channel: 

  • The channel has now been renamed from "darrentotalwar" to "republicofplay
  • We can now stream in 1080p and you can choose your preferred quality.
  • We now have 10 available emotes to use, and earned the emote prefix "rop" for them.
  • We've unlocked loyalty badges and subscriber icons.
  • I get a bigger revenue share on Tier 2/Tier 3 subs and earn revenue from the ads that ran on the channel anyway.

That's pretty much it! Be sure to check any time to see our monthly schedule.