My First Profit!


Hi everyone,

February has marked an important milestone for Republic of Play. It's the first month since the launch of Republic Of Play where I actually made a profit. That's right, for about six months, I was losing money each month as I worked on YouTube and Twitch full time. (I had saved enough for about six months so I cut it pretty fine!)

Each month has gotten a little better than the one before it, and in February we finally pushed out of the red and into the black! 

This is primarily because of the Senate we have. Around 100 people, give or take, put down their hard earned cash on Twitch or Patreon each month to directly support me and the channel. Not just that, but they give me constant feedback each month on Discord and through emails and messages, trying to help me figure out the best way to deliver my content and balance the different platforms. They push me to be better, to chase developers for access to games, to keep a better schedule and to communicate better. This monthly feedback process I believe has had a direct impact for steady growth month over month. 

It fluctuates depending on the month, but in March, the Senate accounted for 86% of all revenue earned for Republic Of Play. It's almost entirely fan funded.

So thank you for the incredible support over the months. It's been a big learning process for me, but I think in the last couple of months we've started to hit our stride with regular videos and streams and varied content. I also want to throw a shout-out for the other content creators that also support me, either monetarily or by throwing me a host on twitch (or any of the other forms of promo!) They've been so helpful and great mentors to talk to.

The response from developers has been incredible, with many of them thanking me for covering their games, even when it's not a totally glowing review. I really appreciate the developers, PR teams and CM's taking the time to respond and give a small channel a chance.

And of course it's not just those who drop cash who I am thankful for. There are thousands of viewers that watch every single video, leave comments and likes, tell their freinds and link my videos around the web. The support is always incredible and I literally read every single comment. 

So that's it for this little update! I'm not expecting to turn a profit every month, but it was good to finally get a win, and my next goal will be to get 2 months in a row and we'll build from there!