October 2018 - Weekly Update #8

Hi everyone, A LOT has happened in the passed 2 weeks. (I know it’s a weekly update, but I try to deliver an update when there’s something interesting to say, and that’s happening every 2 weeks roughly at this rate.) 

divide et impera.jpg

So last update I talked about how I was refocusing the channel a bit on three “Pillar” games: Total War, Stellaris and Imperator: ROME. I kicked off this focus with a Divide Et Impera video, followed by a Stellaris video. We talked about these in our last Weekly Update, but they have both continued to go on to perform extremely well, each garnering well over 100,000 views. Crazy! I gave both videos extra attention, which took nearly a full week to make (outside of the streams), but it seems to have paid off.

6 features in IMPERATOR.jpg

The next video queued up was an Imperator: ROME developer diary recap, which also has performed great for me, and is actually a great way for me to keep up with the game as more information gets revealed about it. The same day I released that video, (which took the better part of a week to make) Total War: Rome 2 started getting review bombed on steam. I gathered what intel I could and made a video about it because I saw some misinformation surrounding it, and my discord recommended that I should post about it after I showed some of my findings to them. 

rome2 review bomb.jpg

This video ended up being linked all over games media that talked about the review bombing and as a result has shot up to 250,000 views as of writing. Not bad for a video made in about 2 hours! While the views are huge, it’s actually a short video, with not many adverts, and the subject matter doesn’t really bring in much growth so it’s not as huge as it looks, the Divide Et Impera video both earned more and increased growth substantially more, even with half the views for instance. Regardless, I’m definitely not complaining!

three kingdoms 1.jpg

Next, I focused on Total War again, this time on Total War: THREE KINGDOMS. The game got its release date and pre-order information, so I felt now was a good time to start recapping it, similar to the Imperator: ROME developer diary series. Again this has worked out great, garnering around 50,000 views so far and doing good numbers for growth.

And growth has been good, amazing in fact. 2 weeks ago I posted that we hit 41,000 subscribers and today we’ve hit 44,000 as of writing. I’m always a little cynical and sceptical, so I’m gonna say that this will slow down and not continue at that crazy pace, but even so it’s been a huge morale boost and the views will be a great financial reprieve when it comes through in a couple months. 


As well as that, Twitch has been extremely strong for me as well throughout September. As posted in our Senate Meeting two days ago, the average viewers were up, the subs were up and there was a good variety of games and some re occurrences like Divide Et Impera with Jackie. That series has ended now, and we’ve got BIG plans for the next one, in a couple of weeks. I’ve been working on artwork and music to accompany a weekly episodic series on YouTube that will recap the campaigns on Twitch, so I can’t wait to create cinematic Total War content again as I’ve always loved doing that.

europe art.PNG

So that’s how things have been going lately. This was also my first month in my new office room since Mitch, my housemate, moved out. While it has come at a big rent increase not having him here, the channel and regularity of content has improved and is getting better so it’s been really good so far. I just need to hopefully maintain that!


Before I go, I wanted to get any opinions or feedback about my recent videos and the direction I’ve been going lately. I’m not covering as many other games on my channel, instead rotating “The Big Three” weekly, and I’ll doing one-off videos here and there on other games every 4th week it seems. (My next video isn’t a “Pillar” game). I hope this is of interest to my backers on Patreon and anywhere else. Of course I’ve been playing new games on Twitch a lot more regularly, but I know that’s not for everyone. So any opinions are welcome, in comments, or on Discord, Private Message or email.