The Review Scale


Ahead of my first ever full game review tomorrow, I wanted to outline my scoring system and what each value represents.

It was a tough decision deciding on whether or not to use score systems, but overall I think it will help the discussion around the review. I know when I watch or read a review, I often like to see the score at the end, and hopefully people will find the reviews themselves interesting enough they don't just skip to the end.

As well as releasing my reviews on YouTube, I'll also be releasing them here in written form. They'll largely be the same as the video review, but might contain slight changes to make it better suited for the written word. The reason behind this, is because a lot of people might not have the time to watch a 20-30min review and if they have restricted internet access at work or campus they can still get the information if they want it.

I'll be using a 100 point scale for my reviews, ranging from 0.0 to 10.0. Each whole number has a different meaning to me, which I've outlined in the image above. The finer increments are really just a weight in that category. If something gets an 8.8 for instance, it means that to me, its a great game that was very nearly excellent but for some reason (outlined in the review) it fell short.


As well as this, I want to let you know review will be done much more timely in future. My first review will be for Total War: ARENA and it took over a week of my time making. This is in part due to the fact that Arena is a game that takes a long time to progress and master, and is complicated because of its free-to-play nature. Its also because as this was my first review, I needed to make a lot of custom graphics, such as the score at the end, and credits for Patrons. 

Now that I have a good template to work from, reviews should be quicker.

Thanks for the support so far on YouTube, I hope you enjoy this review and I hope it serves people well in future who are thinking of dropping money for the game now, or in the game later.