A Change Of Direction For Future Content


In order to help improve my channel and grow the community around it, I’ve made some changes to the planned content.

1] I will be stopping daily streams.

I haven’t been able to grow the viewership on these streams enough to justify spending three hours a day on them, plus the time it takes to make graphics and everything that goes along with it.

The viewership we do have, is strong and very generous. We actually have more subscribers than we do viewers most of the time, which has to be some sort of weird record for twitch.

2] “ROP Live” is gone, for now.

The gaming news show pulled in a decent amount of viewers, but ultimately didn’t grow. I’ll now cover news in videos on my YouTube. This will allow me to react faster to things, not having to wait a week to talk about industry news.

3] Multiplayer Friday will continue.

I love playing games with the community, and want to focus on this more. On Friday’s we’re going to group up with as many as we can and play our favourite games together on stream. These streams are now going to last longer also. I recommend joining our steam group if you want to take part.

4] Streams will happen when I have something cool to show.

With these changes, I’m only streaming one day a week, on Friday with multiplayer. However, if I’m playing a game for review, or get sent one early, then I’ll look to stream that.

This means the games will always be current and I’ll be talking about them in a review aspect, instead of just playing a random campaign of a random game.

If you tune into a ROP stream, it’ll be something worth checking out. These streams can also go on for longer too. If this is ever the case, I’ll post it to my twitter, and probably post a “Live now” type video to YouTube.

So that’s the current plan.

This also means I’ll have to change around some tiers on Patreon, as some of them relied on streams. The reason I’m doing this is because I believe I have spread myself too thin, not being able to give proper attention to either platform, and both platforms are stagnating.

If it continues this way for much longer, I’ll have no way of making content for either platform.

This is an effort from me, to retreat, close ranks and give as much attention to one platform as I can in order to grow it. While Twitch has been monetarily really strong for me (on par with YouTube if not better) ultimately, I need to focus on growth first, and I’m a stronger video producer than I am livestream personality. These changes now free up over 10hours during the week to work on videos and get them out much faster.

These changes will take effect on December 1st.