These are the sign ups for WEEK 3

DATE: 11th, 12th of May

TIME: 4PM BST (London) (for minimum 4hrs)

DESCRIPTION: Each weekend we’ll be playing 4 hours of Imperator: ROME and taking on players from the ROP Community to join as one of 14 countries.


Week Three Sign Ups! - We’ll be rolling the game over each week to continue it.


If you cannot make a day, we’ll hopefully find someone to fill your spot and keep the game going. Each week we’ll hold sign ups to get extras.

Priority will go in this order:
In the game already > Patrons > Twitch Subs >Active Discord Users


Your country will be randomly assigned if you’re new. If you played already, you’ll be assigned your original country.

The game will be streamed on

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The event is on 4PM BST (UK) on Sat (18th) & Sun (19th) - Check the box of the day (or days) you can participate. If you can only make one day we'll still try get you in.
Provide your ROP Discord username so we can contact you. Active Discord members will have priority.
You must have a decent internet connection for this game, I'll be kicking those players immediately who slow the game down.