Welcome to the Sign Up form for our Imperator Game - Below you can find all the information you need regarding times and rules. This game is played around the BLACK SEA.

Game Times:

  • Friday 28th of June

  • Saturday 29th of June

  • Sunday 30th of June

Time / length

  • 18:00 BST (17:00 UTC | 19:00 CEST) - Game runs for 4 HOURS


grey map.png
  • You may only take territories inside the following REGIONS

    • Sarmatia Europea

    • Taurica

    • Thrace

    • Colchis

    • Bithynia

  • If you take territory outside of those regions, you must sell your cities in those regions. (If you start with territory outside, you may keep it)

  • No player vs player war until 475 AUC (5 years after game start)

  • Killing a player is not allowed, you can only vassalize them.

  • You can only reduce a player to 3 cities.

  • Mercenaries:

    • You cannot employ more than 1 Mercenary army on land at a time.

    • You cannot employ more than 1 Mercenary navy at sea at a time.


Based on Darren’s score system which judges - Cities, Pops, Tech, Culture and Religious Unity

Playable Countries:

Thrace, Paphlagonia, Pontus, Iberia, Sarmatia, Colchis, Scythia, Bosporan Kingdom, Bithynia, Tyrgetae, Sinope, Trapezouz


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