Welcome! My name is Darren and I'm the creator of Republic of Play. Republic of Play is designed to be a community of dedicated gamers who primarily focus on the PC platform.


Republic of Play's content is primarily split between YouTube and Twitch. 

On YouTube, each week there is multiple videos ranging from full reviews of games, preview videos of upcoming games, and the occasional opinion piece.

On Twitch, on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays at 6PM BST I play the latest upcoming games and recent releases.

I'm on the left!

I'm on the left!

So my name is Darren, I'm 26yrs old and I'm originally from Ireland, living now in England.

When I was 13yrs old, I fell in love with a game called Rome: Total War. I racked up countless hours, and started learning the basics of modding by creating landmasses and reshaping regions in the campaign map. From there on out, I knew that I wanted to one day design games and maybe even work at Creative Assembly.

When I was 18yrs old I went to college and studied Computer Games Development for 4yrs. It primarily focused on programming and design, with some supplemental subjects each year such as animation, graphics programming, web programming etc. During this time I worked as a programmer for an indie company and made a few small indie games.

On my final year, Total War: ROME II was announced, so of course, I saved 2 months paycheck, built a PC and pre-ordered the game. Once the game came out, I had a few issues with it, so decided to start a YouTube channel to review issues with the game and DLC. This channel was called "DarrenTotalWar". After about 1yr, I recieved my degree and was looking for work, my channel reached 3000 subscribers and Creative assembly invited me to their studio to get a first look at their next game.

Once at CA, I applied to any position I could get. As I was a pretty junior level programmer, and they had no open positions at the time, I didn't immediately get a job there. But they liked me enough to invite me back and interview me for a few different positions. After a few months back and forth, my channel reached 10,000 subscribers and I eventually fell into a community/QA internship, stepping away from YouTube. After 6 months at CA, when I was scheduled to move to QA, I got hired full time as a community coordinator. Fast forward 2 more years and I was a Senior Content Producer embedded in the marketing team, helping shape the content on their YouTube, Twitch and Social Media channels.

I kept my DarrenTotalWar channel going a little, and over the 2yrs reached 30,000 subscribers, but I wasn't able to be critical on the channel, reviewing any games or expressing any controversial opinions. This is what forced me to quit my job at CA. I wanted to inform consumers and help them save money, not the other way around.

My experience with game development, marketing and YouTube has given me a unique perspective on the games industry and the franchises I love the most. This is why I went back to YouTube and started up Republic of Play; so that I could share my insight with the community and hopefully call out companies for bad (and good) practices and make a difference in the industry. Trust me, it's easier to make a difference on the outside than on the inside.



I thought it would be interesting to list a few of the games I like so you can get a feel for if we share the same taste. It's just a list of some of my favourites that came to mind, in no order and there are many I've played and enjoyed that I haven't listed.

Games I don't like in general (there are exceptions!): MMO's, Free to Play games, Cartoony/Fantasy games, Card games. 

Some of my favourite games in recent years (in no particular order): 


  • Stellaris

  • Wasteland 2

  • XCOM 2

  • Total War: ROME II

  • Total War: ARENA

  • Company of Heroes 2

  • Steel Division Normandy 44

  • Cossacks 3

  • Cities Skylines

  • Planet Coaster

  • Prison Architect

FPS / Shooter

  • Battlefield 1 & 4

  • CS:GO

  • DOOM

  • Prey

  • Outlast 2


  • ARMA 3 mod EXILE

  • Far Cry 3, 4

Adventure / Open World

  • Don't Starve

  • Horizon Zero Dawn

  • Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

  • Subnautica

  • Mad Max

  • Ratchet & Clank


  • WipEout: Omega Collection

  • DIRT: Rally

  • Overcooked